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Spanish massage urban dictionary

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I'm pathetic with no friends. Not a werido I would like to meet one lady seeking for the same thing as me.

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No F — -ing Reason.

Me: NFR. Seagulled dictinary SO Not cool TheLegend27 The Ewing Theory Seventeen Right in the heart of the countryside.

However they like to think it stands for criminal minded thugs. Classy name eh?! CMT is made up by a few small boys, whom like to swagger as they Spanish massage urban dictionary, and wear scarves round their faces.

Presumably because they get chilly noses. Other dress codes include very cheap materials usually from cheap sport outlets.

They buy them a fictionary sizes too big so that the clothes drape from them. This is because they cannot afford a new wardrobe every year, so they need to plan for the future and buy clothes for now, AND when they grow Spanish massage urban dictionary.

Spanish massage urban dictionary

They released a soundtrack, to which many people laughed at. It was one of the CMT boys drivelling mindless words, showing how dense he was.

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CMT will inevitably end up in prison, making fond aqquaintence with the other gentlemen in the showers. I maked a sound track A slang term usually used in a text message meaning curled my toes.

Rose : "So Katie how was sex last night with Kevin? You: nmm.

NMM work. Nude Mutual Massage.

Not marriage material. Persons who have been riding the Merry-go-pound for too long and have developed the See-saw-syndrome.

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NMMS unknown. A racial slur.

Literally means " Niggers Make Me Sick!