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F act: Americans are sexually repressedEuropeans are not. So does that make American women especially sensitive about one night stands compared to their more sexually liberated female counterparts?

The surprising results showed that women, on average, regret one night stands more often than men, and Norwah men regret saying no to one Norway one night stand stands more often than women. In a paper published in the journal Evolutionary Psychologythe team of American and Norwegian researchers studied participants between the ages of 19 and 37 years old.

Of that group, 35 percent of women Norway one night stand 20 percent of men reported feelings of regret the last time they had casual sex.

In contrast, 30 percent of Norwegian women and 50 percent of men were happy about their most recent time having sex.

The rest were meh about their one night stands. The researchers believed the most compelling reasons for this gender divide are biologically driven between men and women.

Evolutionary psychology dictates that reproductive success for men requires them to have as much sex as possible. These evolutionary selection pressures have created a male sexual mind that is attentive to sexual opportunities.

Men orgasmed during casual sex at much higher Norway one night stand than women; women were less likely to think of an orgasm as important.

But when in a relationship, women reached nigut 80 percent as often as men. By Sarah Sloat on January 19, Sign up for our newsletter.

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