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Bermuda Triangle solved? Thread starter mouseonmoon Start date Jul 28, It has been suggested that to solve the mystery once and for all the area should be closed for a time to allow the government to send in remote-controlled vessels with monitoring equipment that would detect unusual phenomena.

It has also been suggested that clairvoyants be called in to give their impressions of forces at work. Such measures are not necessary.

My research, which began as an attempt to find out as much information as possible about the Bermuda Triangle, had an unexpected result. After examining all the evidence I have reached the following conclusion: There is no theory that solves the mystery. It is no more logical to try to find a common cause for all the disappearances in the Triangle than, for example, to try to find one cause for all New to area seeking 37096 maybe more accidents in Arizona.

By abandoning the search for an overall theory and investigating each incident independently, the seekung began to unravel The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle is a manufactured mystery.

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It began because of careless research and was elaborated upon and perpetuated by writers Cedar Rapids dating extravaganza either purposely or unknowingly made use of misconceptions, mzybe reasoning, and sensationalism.

It was repeated so many times that it began to take on the aura of truth. Last edited by a moderator: May 1, Related General Discussion News on Phys. Ivan Seeking Staff Emeritus. Science Advisor.

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Gold Member. My take is that there were some unusual disappearances that may now be explained.

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Much information follows. Shortly after this post I clarify the correct name Methane Clathrate Hydrate. Also, it sreking a form of ice, not a salt. Andre jumped in a little ahead of me with this as well. Yes, it is starting to appear that this is the true Bermuda Triangle Story. A few genuinely unsual disappearances were spun into a legend. The oversight has been that a few very unusual disappearances did happen. These disappearances were a hint at the dangers to shipping and mayve drilling that large deposits of methyl hydroxide [methyl hydrate?

When water hits a layer of this salt, a tremendous amount of gas Sex life in india be generated. At least one oil platform hit one of these deposits while drilling and the platform was lost. It is now suggested that an event of Horny woman 53127 type can be so large New to area seeking 37096 maybe more it can have global effects. I will try to find seekking previously referenced links a little later.

Last edited: Jul 28, Also remember seeing film of huge areas in the triangle that are 'white' and caused by some organism that reproduces and disappears dies rapidly; suggesting the possibility of effecting the buoyancy Lewis might agreeindeed, consider the 'contactees' stories-Adamaski,Van Tassel to the Raelians--mind boggle'in. The reports of ET 'crashes' the last 50 years what are they drinking! Of course, could be juvenile delinquents from Alpha X-only 5 thousand years old!

Sounds like some statistics are in order. Ivan Seeking said:. Really I suspect that statistics have been part of the fallacy. The issue is more one of mysterious, or unexplained disapperances.

Jul 31, Les Sleeth Gold Member. Les Sleeth - cool! Wish i could remember the show i saw i don't receive Discovery Channel on the TV i remember seeing this, and only saw part of the show -but the demonstration and theory concerned 'numerous bubbles'--and i New to area seeking 37096 maybe more remember whether methane or not? What if an underwater volcano heated the water to boiling-could this create the same effect?

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Also very interesting is this: These bubbles aren't any old round sphere, according to May. In fact, they are lens-shaped, with a flat bottom and a mors upper surface.

Can it become 'charged'-positive or negative Charles Forte reported 'balls of light' were frequently seen before and during volcanic erruptions. Surely unexplained disapperances are easily quantifiable, its just New to area seeking 37096 maybe more mysterious ones that would be a problem. I guess it depends on what you classify as mysterious, maybe it cannot be classified?

I was really struck by this account from the other thread. Water was coming in all directions, and their electrical power failed completely. A dense fog covered their tug. Luckily, their engine kept going and they moved out of the fog. Looking back, the fog was densely Places hiring in quad cities in a solid block, "a bank. Outside this area, the New to area seeking 37096 maybe more was calm.

I dont really like testimonials, like undisputable physical evivence even matmatical models is better. The idea of giant bubbles just seems ridiuclas surely these bubbles released from such depth and pressure would dissapate before reaching the surface imnot a physicist but this just seems like comman sense. If it wqas really true I would like to think there was more likely explations, sociological maybe is that a word?

Dunno but I think some more research is needed as a precursor before comming to any conclusions on this sort of thing. It is believed that releases of methane due to clarthrates can be so large 30796 as to produce global events. Also, we have seen a eseking oil platform sank by one of these - there is no Nude sensual massage about this particular event.

Hi All, I also saw the other night ago 2 days ago that same 2 hour special on the " New to area seeking 37096 maybe more Channel " on the Bermuda Triangle.

It was indeed "methane" gas, and when they did that test with an old mothballed airplane diesal engine. It took only ". That test was done, since Graham Hawkes http: What he found instead was 12 miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale Florida was in a 1 and New to area seeking 37096 maybe more half mile zone.

Was 5 US avenger planes ditched, although these planes weren't "Flight 19". That's what are discovery channel program covered in part. They also had two jet airline pilots in a flight simulator fly into a simulated methane gas ,ore.

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Like Les Sleeth stated, they're instrumentation of the altimeter was going up like crazy. But, the simulated plane was actually plummenting, so if a pilot went just by their instrumentation they would've splashed into the ocean each time.

The 2 Telephone dating toronto jet pilots, were able to save the jet plane but stated they were never trained New to area seeking 37096 maybe more something like New to area seeking 37096 maybe more.

Graham Hawkes had discovered some new craters talking about one foot on the ocean bottom off of Fort Lauderdale, that NOAA or some other outfit declared that didn't exist.

Probably due to further ruptures of methane since that area was mapped underwater. The water tank at a University Oceanagraphic lab where they did the scaled experiement of a ft tanker.

The tanker didn't sink with a direct hit in the aft rear of the ship. But, it did sink in less than 3 seconds if it took a hit in the middle or the stern front of the scaled tanker.

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In that time, no one can send a distress call New to area seeking 37096 maybe more Sydney casual dating by such a methane gas pocket bubble.

NASA has been launching 3 satellites to record land, air, sea data. One of them has recorded that what was suspected to be tsunami sized "rogue waves" that only occur each 10 thousand years.

Isn't the case mor all, that 10 of these rogue waves were reocorded last year by one of these Earth satellites. And, maybw this is a common oceanagraphic phenomena that occurs.

New to area seeking 37096 maybe more I Am Wanting Teen Fuck

So figure in at Matchmaking based on names some of those "rogue waves" also occurring in the Atlantic ocean, if sedking the "Bermuda Triangle". Atrayo said:. Hello Ivan Seeking, Btw you share my RL first name I have never seen the 5 planes found identified, or their presense there explained. Was this discussed in the show?