How can I see or review what is on my Credit Report? 2

creditAs a consumer, It is important to know what is on your credit report. Whether you are shopping for a car loan, a personal loan, a mortgage, or just as information; knowing what’s on your report is crucial to your financial success.

Per Federal laws, as a consumer you are allowed to request a free annual credit report from all three credit agencies yearly. The three credit agencies are:
equifax experian transunion



Request Annual Credit Report:

To request your annual credit report, you can visit It is important to know that the credit report is free annually. The report does not include the credit score. If you are looking to also get your credit score, these will be available when you pull your credit report from the credit agencies. Keep in mind they will charge you a fee for the scores.

There are many sites out there offering credit scores along with their monthly services. If all you want is the score, make sure to select only the score service. When deciding on which site to choose, decide based on your individual circumstance and financial need. Two websites that will come in handy with your credit score research are CreditKarma and MyFico.

Review Credit Reports:

Once you pull your reports from all three agencies, it is important to review and compare all three for accuracy and/or errors. In the event that you find some information was reported incorrectly, you must follow the individual credit agency’s process for correcting such errors. The sooner you address the discrepancies, the sooner your credit report will be corrected by the creditors reporting the information to the credit agencies.

successFinal Thoughts

With the review of all three of your credit reports, you will find yourself prepared to deal with future creditors. You would have become a prepared consumer ready to negotiate better financing terms. Your financial success depends on you knowing what is on your credit report.

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