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Honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird

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I decided to write this article because I believe that Honda defined sport-touring when created this unique motorcycle.

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Build with the look of speed and with performance to back it up, the CBR XX Super Blackbird was the fastest production motorcycle when it was launched back in but afterwards Honda decided to concentrate on obtaining a great sport-touring model as Suzuki and Kawasaki were fighting for those extra mph that would sell a motorcycle much Girls in dundee. Being a great product, it soon became Honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird popular motorbike for its combination of Honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird powerful engine, good handling, comfort, reliability and quality.

The colors available were the same depending on what part of the world you were in.

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As you already now the XX Super Blackbird could be delivered in any color as long as it was black only in the U. S in the first years of production. Slight changes were also found at the tail light, air box, RAM Air ducts, oil cooler, and fbr.

They kept the Black color for the U. For the Blackbird was upgraded to a digital dash and Silver was added for Europe. This is the year when the color changed for the U.

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As you could see the Blackbird kept is original characteristics through the years Honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird it is still going strong in a class with blackbifd desired supremacy. Both Kawasaki models reached more mph at the top end so the battle today is taken between Suzuki and Kawasaki, Honda remaining a comfortable sport-touring alternative with a lot of power only a twist of a throttle away.

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This is a really large motorcycle and frankly it kind of scared me because I was expecting Honda to follow the tendency of increasing the amount of horse power Honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird in a relatively small frame. This, however, manages to look classy and somehow sinister at the same time. The only thing that changed were the colors but I believe that the matt black paintwork with pale gold wheels and titanium detailing echoes the aeroplane even further.

Those same smart Honda people came with the idea of incorporating a dual-shaft balancer system, a unit which revs up very smoothly eliminating the annoying secondary vibration. This evolved into a directly bolted engine Honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird the dual spar, triple box section aluminum frame without using rubber mounts, obtaining even further overall rigidity.

Such a fast and big motorcycle needed a performance braking system in order to come to a safe stop and Honda had it just ready for mounting.

The Dual-Combined Brake System, which actuates the front and rear brakes by either pulling the hand lever or pressing the foot pedal is a ingenious solution for fast stops in complete safe. Kind of what we would expect from Honda.

Used Review: Honda CBRXX Super Blackbird. By Bertie Simmonds. Sat, 5 Apr Share This. Ten years ago the Super Blackbird was celebrated as the. Unveiled to the public in , Honda's CBR XX "Super Blackbird" has brought the leading edge of motorcycle technology to a new height. Even though it. Tamiya model kit in scale , is a NEW tool released in | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Honda CBRXX | EAN.

What seems unwieldy and threatening at a standstill becomes stable and reassuring at town speeds and even more stable and reassuring at highway speeds. And when it comes to highway speeds, the big Honda has it right.

I sat at well over mph for just about a full tank of fuel. The Stealth-inspired aerodynamics protected me from the wind and made other drivers wonder what was passed them on: a motorcycle or a Jet?

And I was perfectly relaxed, the kind of mood that you want to have when you ride at those speeds. How does the Blackbird feel Honad corners?

Honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird

Well it is still a great companion. Handling is little slow, but remember that we are talking about a big, heavy bike, not a sharp handling supersport motorcycle. At the end of the day I had to put my test supsr to a stop so I used Honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird reliable linked brakes that Honda provided for this motorcycle.

It is very interesting how they take an idea and stick with it improving and refining it until it eventually becomes something worthy of the name Honda. Overall the Blackbird was excellent although it requires a lot of getting used to and I still believe that it was a little too much for me.

And if you are determined supre make that step superr is the place to find the prices for such Honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird Honda.

Good luck with that! Displacement: I have a blackbird. Does anyone know if this was a option?

Just sold my Ducati which was a "fantastic bike" but are now looking forward to getting a blackbird today. Blackbkrd thorough and well-done review.

The Honda CBRXX Super Blackbird is a useable, comfortable, tidy handling sports tourer but also a ballistic power-house that used to. Tamiya model kit in scale , is a NEW tool released in | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Honda CBRXX | EAN. Honda first introduced the CBR XX Super Blackbird in late as a model in the original colors: Black, Titanium and Red. Being a.

My Bird hates the speed limit of ANY road. What do you think?

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