Home Sellers: Here are 4 Ways to Prepare your Home For Sale

Updated from a previous post July 2015.

If you are a Home Owner considering selling your property, there are many things you need to do in order to get your Home ready.

Here are 4 Ways to Prepare your Home For Sale:


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Curb Appeal

This is important because that’s how you will drive prospective buyers into your home. Step outside of your home and see it as a stranger. Picture everything that is right and wrong with what you see. Keep in mind Buyers will do exactly the same. Will you buy the home based on what you see? Would you want to see the inside? These are two questions that you need to ask yourself and depending on your answers, begin to work.


dClean everything in the Home and remove Odors

It is common for you to maybe read online or hear from others that a clean house will definitely help sell the home. This is not at all wrong. Picture going into a home with dishes in the sink and on the counters. Shoes at the entrance of the home or spread out in the living areas. Would you like to smell last night’s Dinner ?

Would you like to buy a house that has this as a first impression?

Your home needs to be completely cleaned inside and out. Windows need to be washed, carpets/floors vacuumed and cleaned, and beds need to be made. Consider opening the windows to let odors out and adding ventilation to the home. After maybe an hour of this, close all windows and light up some scented candles or add air fresheners to change the odors in different areas of the home. I know this may sound redundant or maybe not worth mentioning. But you would be surprised how many homes are currently on the market with some of these items not done. These are all things that affect your home presentation. Make a good impression on that Buyer by keeping the home on top shape.


Cut the Clutter 


Because your home will be going on the Market, it is important to begin packing or getting rid of everyday clutter. Remove any access personal items around your home. Keep in mind that if it is something of value, you do not want it laying around for showings. Start packing any clothing used in other seasons to free up some of the space in the closets.

Step in front of your living areas and take a look as an outsider. Do you really need everything that’s currently out? If the answer is no, consider having a garage sale, donating some items to charities, or simply throwing things away that you know you don’t need anymore.


AHome Repairs and/or Renovations

As a home owner, you know your house better than anyone else. If you know the garage needs new light bulbs, the kitchen sink is leaking, the bathroom toilets need to be replaced; then get the repairs done.

As a property owner, part of the selling process requires you to disclose anything and everything that may or may not be wrong with the house. Save yourself the trouble of being told after the inspection to fix these items, by getting them done first. This is not to say that things will not come up on the inspection report even after your repairs. Things usually always come up. However, your list items to address will more than likely be less.

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