Here are 5 Things You need to Know as a First Time Home Seller.

If you are a current home owner who has never gone through the process of selling their home, or perhaps you have not sold a home in the recent years; then this post is for you.

As a Home Seller, there are certain things that you need to know in order to prepare for the Home Selling Process.

Here are 5 Things that you need to learn First:

  • You need to prepare your Home for Sale

Preparing your Home For Sale is key to being successful in the process. It is important for you to start decluttering the home, painting rooms with a fresh coat of paint, getting all necessary repairs done, fixing any leaks or concerns around the home, and let’s not forget Curb Appeal.

  • Negotiations will be with Many

As a Home Seller, you may be thinking that the only negotiation you will ever do is with the Buyer, who decides to buy your home. This unfortunately is not true. You need to prepare yourself because the negotiating will be with the buyer, the buyer’s Agent, the attorney, home inspection companies, the bank, the appraiser, and possibly others.

  • Real Estate Contracts

Buying and Selling a Home requires the usage of Real Estate Contracts and Disclosures. Depending on your state, these contracts and/or disclosures can be extensive due to state and federal laws. Prepare yourself for this by hiring a Real Estate Professional to assist you in the Home Selling process.

  • Home Inspections and Due Diligence 

As a Home Seller, you need to understand the importance of time tables during the home selling process. There are Inspection periods and Due Diligence time tables that need to be adhered too in order to avoid any contract defaults.

  • Pricing of the Home

Everyone has different reasons or motivations for either buying or selling a Home. Depending on your personal situation, it is important to Price the Home appropriately when hiring a Real Estate Professional to sell the home. The “right price” in your current market, will determine whether your home sells in the first 30 days or if it stays on the market for a longer period of time.

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This post was updated from a 2015 post.

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