For Sale By Owners: 3 reasons it’s in your best interest to hire a Real Estate Agent/REALTOR®.


As I drive through the different areas in my Real Estate Market, I notice the new For Sale By Owner signs popping up. As a property owner, I understand the need to net the maximum dollar amount as a result of the sale of your home. But what if I can show you: 3 reasons it’s in your best interest to hire a Real Estate Agent/REALTOR®Will you consider it then? Here goes…

  • Buyers Search Online.

Back in the day, a property owner would be able to put the famous For Sale By Owner sign out, and a house would get numerous calls and even get offers. Keep in mind this was all possible before the “internet” evolved. Today, this process can still work, but the famous thing called “internet” makes it less than possible.

Since over 90% of today’s home buyers begin their searches online, doesn’t it make sense for your home to be online in order to be found? Hiring a Real Estate Professional for the job will ensure your property is marketed properly by all sites online.

  • A Marketing Plan is needed.

Because you have put the sign out letting everyone know you desire to sell your house, what else are you doing to market the property? Are you marketing online and in Social Media? Are you letting your neighbors and community know? Have you used a professional to determine the asking price meets your specific market area and property condition? What are you doing to stage your home for sale?

A sign unfortunately is not enough to get a home sold. Hiring a Real Estate Professional for the job will ensure that a Marketing Plan is in place to effectively find the right qualified buyer for your home.

  • Property Disclosures.

Did you know that as a property seller, you have numerous items that need to be disclosed in order to avoid future possible legal and financial claims against you? Do you know what a Seller Property Disclosure is?

Because selling a home requires complying with local, state and federal laws; it’s in your best interest to hire a Real Estate Professional to ensure your compliance. Do not put yourself legally and financially at risk by doing this on your own. Selling a home is a big financial decision, you shouldn’t do it alone.

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