What Do Real Estate Agents really Do?

As a Consumer, you probably wonder what a Real Estate Agent/REALTOR® does all day. Has this question crossed your mind? If so, check out this post by RET Staff.


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If you’re a real estate agent, chances are that you have probably had to defend your commission once or twice.

Maybe you’ve had a client who thinks “you just put a sign in the ground and collect the money.” Or that all you do is drive people around in your car.

We know that you do a heck of a whole lot more than that! In an effort to dispel any real estate myths that agents don’t have to work hard to earn a living, we’ve put together a list of some of the many tasks agents perform for every transaction.  Talk about being multi-talented.

Next time a buyer or seller wants to know more about what you do all day, just show them this list!

What Real Estate Agents Do

When you’re selling a house…

  • Coordinate listing presentation
  • Research comparable properties
  • Offer pricing strategy assistance
  • Review closing costs
  • Verify property details: lot size, utilities etc…
  • Verify current loan information
  • Complete seller’s disclosure form
  • Enter the listing into the MLS
  • Add property to brokerage/agent website
  • Create single property website
  • Install yard sign and lockbox
  • Communicate with HOA manager (as applicable)
  • Help stage for showing and photos
  • Suggest curb appeal enhancements
  • Hire and coordinate with a photographer
  • Orchestrate online and print marketing
  • Schedule open houses
  • Request feedback from buyer’s agents
  • Coordinate price changes
  • Receive and deliver offers
  • Evaluate offers with sellers
  • Confirm buyer’s pre-approval
  • Negotiate counteroffers
  • Communicate with buyer’s agent/broker
  • Change listing status to pending
  • Obtain copies of repair bills as needed
  • Arrange appraisal

When you’re buying a house…

  • Coordinate buyer interviews
  • Recommend mortgage specialists
  • Confirm pre-approval
  • Schedule home tours
  • Draft and submit offers
  • Deliver earnest money to escrow account
  • Get and explain disclosures
  • Meet with the home inspector
  • Order septic and mold inspections as needed
  • Review inspection results with buyers
  • Negotiate repairs
  • Negotiate contract terms
  • Negotiate counteroffers
  • Track the loan process
  • Relay approval to seller’s agent
  • Schedule appraisal

When you’re closing a sale…

  • Schedule and attend the final walkthrough
  • Compile and review closing documents
  • Verify title insurance
  • Verify home warranty
  • Move earnest money from escrow account to closing agent
  • Verify transfer of keys
  • Close out the listing on the MLS
  • Take listing off broker/agent website

In general…

  • Keep up with changing laws
  • Meet continued education requirements
  • Maintain your website
  • Answer online inquiries
  • Engage on social media
  • Return missed phone calls
  • Prospect for new clients
  • Write blog posts

Here’s a great infographic by REALTOR® Andrew Fortune that really shows the variety of tasks agents manage every day:


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