As a resident of Fulton County, Georgia, you can make changes to the existing deed of your property in a very simple way. Although you may easily choose to hire an attorney to assist you with the process, doing this yourself may be a good alternative. Here are the 3 […]

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As a Home Buyer, you may be wondering what a home appraisal is and why it is necessary in order to purchase a home. As a Home Seller, I am sure you are aware that this will be done as part of your home selling process. With this post I […]

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Are you a new homeowner in Fulton County? Do you want to learn how to Appeal your Property Taxes? Do you want to know where you can see your property tax bill? This post will answer most of your questions while also giving you a good guide to follow. How […]

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How To Find Mineral Rights If You Strike Oil, Is It Yours? Mineral Rights Explained How to find out who owns the mineral rights on land that you own, or land you’re looking to buy. You may have struck oil, but do you have the rights to it? In most […]

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    10 Tips every Tenant should know  If you are looking to rent a condo, townhouse, or home; there are many tips that you should keep in mind and consider while doing your search. Whether you are a first time renter or someone who has rented before, these are […]

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