Have you ever wondered if calling a local electrician or plumber constitutes hiring a contractor? If you don’t know the answer to this question, the answer is Yes! In many Cities and States, Contractors are usually required to hold business and occupational licenses, be state licensed, carry insurance for any […]

Hiring a Contractor? Read this First.

As as Home Buyer, the home purchasing process can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider in making your decision. You have to differentiate between your needs or wants, choose the best location to meet your needs, research community amenities and so much more. Once you find the […]

As a Home Buyer, What happens if I back out ...

 5 reasons Why You should not Sell your Home as a FSBO In this changing Real Estate market, most homeowners have begun to consider the sale of their home. The first thought in their mind is that they can do it themselves, and in turn save the brokerage fees they […]

5 Reasons Why You should not Sell your Home as ...