What is a home warranty? A home warranty is often a feature in the sale of a home.  In that scenario, the seller typically pays a few hundred dollars for a one-year warranty covering the home’s major fixtures such as the furnace, water heater and kitchen appliances.  This gives the buyer […]

Do You know What a Home Warranty is?

The home buying process comes with more than just having found the right home. Some would say that the real work begins once your offer is accepted. If you recently went through having your many offers rejected or having fear to not find the right home, then you have learned […]

Home Buyer: My Home Offer got accepted! Now what?

In today’s working environment, many Americans work for an employer and receive biweekly pay, monthly pay, or bimonthly pay checks for job duties performed. As an employee benefit, you gain health insurance options, vacation and sick leave, Social Security and State/Federal Taxes paid on your behalf, and an array of […]

Here are 5 Things You didn’t know about your Real ...

Excellent article posted today by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  6 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Medical ID Theft By Dr. Sanjay Gupta The odds of your becoming a victim of identity theft are greater than ever. While most people think of ID theft as a financial threat, it can also […]

6 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Medical ID Theft

Are you Moving/Relocating to Atlanta or one of the nearing Cities? Here are 5 things you need to do once You move. Change the Address on your Drivers License Did you know that you only have 30 days to apply for a Georgia Drivers license after becoming a Georgia resident? […]

Moving to Atlanta? Do these 5 things first!

Are you an Industry Professional in the Atlanta and North Atlanta area? Are you an electrician, plumber, HVAC Mechanic, insurance agent, or any other trade professional?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I need you! In order to keep my Vendor list current and up […]

Calling all Industry Professionals in the Atlanta and North Atlanta ...

If you are like every other person out there, you probably know what possessions you own in your home. But do you have a written Home Inventory? Protect Your Possessions with a Home Inventory We pay for home insurance to protect our homes and possessions in case of burglary, damage […]

Do you have a Written Home Inventory?

    10 Tips every Tenant should know  If you are looking to rent a condo, townhouse, or home; there are many tips that you should keep in mind and consider while doing your search. Whether you are a first time renter or someone who has rented before, these are […]

10 Tips every Tenant should know

10 Things to Consider Before Making an Offer on a Home  By: Michele Lerner If you’ve narrowed down your choice of a home to one, you may be eager to make an offer and get negotiations started. If you’re buying in a tight market where sellers have the upper hand you […]

10 Things to Consider Before making an offer on a ...

Have you ever wondered all that needs to be paid from your net proceeds when you sell your home? if so, you need to read this article featured in Costs of Selling a Home: How to Estimate Closing Costs and Net Proceeds What’s the price of selling your home? […]

Costs of Selling a Home explained