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Protect your home from Old Man Winter As temperatures begin to dip this fall, “winterizing” your home can stop your heating bills from going through the roof. With some basic maintenance, you’ll also save yourself from expensive emergencies that can accompany the cold weather. Keep your house warmer, more energy […]

Learn How to Protect Your Home from Old Man Winter

HOW TO APPEAL YOUR PROPERTY VALUE  Georgia Law requires the Board of Assessors to mail assessment notices to all property owners annually. When you receive your assessment notice, the first thing you should ask yourself is, “what is the fair market value of my property?” Fair Market Value is the […]

Here is How to Appeal Your Property Taxes in Fulton ...

As a resident of Fulton County, Georgia, you can make changes to the existing deed of your property in a very simple way. Although you may easily choose to hire an attorney to assist you with the process, doing this yourself may be a good alternative. Here are the 3 […]

Do You need to make changes to your Property Deed ...

Have you ever wondered if calling a local electrician or plumber constitutes hiring a contractor? If you don’t know the answer to this question, the answer is Yes! In many Cities and States, Contractors are usually required to hold business and occupational licenses, be state licensed, carry insurance for any […]

Hiring a Contractor? Read this First.

There is always talk in the media about Fair Housing Laws. Many are geared towards educating the consumer about their protected rights through the Civil Rights Act of 1968. Please read the below explanation of the Fair Housing Laws administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). […]

Are You Familiar with Fair Housing Laws?

Have you ever wondered what traits you need to look for when trying to hire a REALTOR®/Real Estate professional? Do you know where and how to find a REALTOR®/Real Estate professional in your area? Here are 5 Traits your REALTOR®/Real Estate Professional should have: Local Knowledge When setting out to hire a Real Estate […]

Here are 5 Traits your REALTOR®/Real Estate Professional Should Have.

What is Universal Design? In Architectural terms, Universal Design is the creation of products and environments that are usable and accessible by all people to the greatest extent possible. Universal design was created to be able to cover a wider spectrum of human abilities so that every household member could […]

Do You Know What Universal Design in a Home is?

To many looking to Sell a Home, a Seller Brokerage Agreement (also referred to as an Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement) is not the first thing that comes to mind. There are usually endless To Do Lists, Home Staging, Home Repairs, Moving plans and many more things to worry about. As a […]

Seller Brokerage Agreement: What is it and Why sign it?

Many Home Sellers know that housing trends have shown that Spring and Summer tend to be the hottest times of the year to sell your home. These months typically highly favor Home Sellers and their bottom line financial goals. While debating your decision, if you consult a Real Estate Professional, […]

Here are Some Tips to Prepare Your Home For Sale.

I write this post as a means to educate all Real Estate buyers, renters and sellers alike. Although this usually comes up with buyers and renters, it’s important to understand a little more about the Real Estate profession. In this industry, I have seen and heard enough to make me […]

Myth or Truth? Real Estate Agents work for Free.

  As a Home Owner or future Home Seller, you may not be aware that Zillow and Trulia already have a listing of your Home online.  The current listing may show data that has been pulled from Public Records and other sources. The listing may have a status of “Off […]

Are You a Home Owner or Home Seller? Here’s how ...

If you have recently bought a home, you may be considering a Home Remodeling or Renovation project. Have you planned for all the expenses that come with such a project? If not, I know you will find this post and guide very useful. Check out this excellent article posted by […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Home Remodeling Costs

To many looking to rent a Home, a Tenant Brokerage Agreement is the last thing on their mind. Did you know that a lease rental is considered a Real Estate transaction?  Unfortunately, the signing of this document is not usually done by many Real Estate Agents. The reason? Many are afraid […]

What is a Tenant Brokerage Agreement?

Ever Wondered what maintenance or Home checks should be done to prepare your home for the warmer months?  Take a look at this article published on Realtor Magazine by Melissa Tracey. Excellent tips!   10 Home Checks to Prepare for the Warmer Months Posted in Remodeling Adviser, by Melissa Tracey on May 5, 2014 […]

10 Home Checks to Prepare for the Warmer Months

Many of you will soon want to consider investing in Real Estate again. Are you considering buying a second home, or perhaps an Investment home? These are questions that commonly come up. Now is a very good time to start considering as an option, the investing of your capital. Now, […]

Next Investment: Vacation Home or Income Property?

Wonderful tips for all Home Owners! Are you thinking of updating or upgrading your kitchen? Check out these wonderful tips featured on Realtor Magazine. A Dozen Ways to Make Kitchens Sizzle APRIL 2014 | BY BARBARA BALLINGER Whether they’re getting their house ready for the market or creating a dream kitchen […]

A Dozen Ways to Make Kitchens Sizzle

Do you want to know what needs to be done to prepare for an Open House? Get this excellent guide featured on Realtor.com.  9-Step Guide to Open Houses  Walk Through Your House With Your REALTOR® Before you can open your doors to the rush of potential offers, you’ll have to prep […]

9-Step Guide to Open Houses

When thinking or considering to put your home up for sale, there are some common tips that would help you get a higher return on your investment. If you are ready to put your home on the market, please consider these few simple things that can spruce up your home, […]

Staging a Home to Sell