Do you have a good understanding of what Due Diligence is in Real Estate? Are you a First-Time Home Buyer not aware of this process? Read this post that will help answer common questions of Due Diligence in Real Estate. What is the Due Diligence period in Real Estate? In […]

What does Due Diligence Period mean?

If you have started the Home Buying Process by Applying for a Mortgage, Congratulations! You have taken a crucial first step to Buying a Home. The Qualification process for a Mortgage Approval is lengthy and can be cumbersome. Do not get discouraged! It is perfectly normal for the Loan Officer […]

I have applied for a Mortgage. Now What?

In this Hot Atlanta Real Estate Market, many home sellers have begun the selling of their home as For Sale By Owners. Many are being successful in securing a buyer for the purchase of their home. However, as a Real Estate Professional in the Atlanta Market, I have some concerns […]

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As a Home Buyer, you may be wondering what a home appraisal is and why it is necessary in order to purchase a home. As a Home Seller, I am sure you are aware that this will be done as part of your home selling process. With this post I […]

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The home buying process comes with more than just having found the right home. Some would say that the real work begins once your offer is accepted. If you recently went through having your many offers rejected or having fear to not find the right home, then you have learned […]

Home Buyer: My Home Offer got accepted! Now what?

The home selling process comes with more than just accepting an offer. If you recently accepted an offer on your home after reviewing the “one” or the “many” that came, then you have learned that there are a lot of things to look for when reviewing offers. Since you have […]

Home Seller: I just accepted an Offer on my Home. ...

As a Consumer, you probably wonder what a Real Estate Agent/REALTOR® does all day. Has this question crossed your mind? If so, check out this post by RET Staff. Posted by: RET Staff If you’re a real estate agent, chances are that you have probably had to defend your commission once […]

What Do Real Estate Agents really Do?

Do you have questions about Home Appraisals? What is a Home Appraisal? Who performs the appraisal? Who pays for Home Appraisals? How long do Home Appraisals take? If you have these common questions, you will find your answers in this wonderful article posted on Before You Buy: 4 Questions […]

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