Myth or Truth? Real Estate Agents work for Free.


I write this post as a means to educate all Real Estate buyers, renters and sellers alike. Although this usually comes up with buyers and renters, it’s important to understand a little more about the Real Estate profession.

In this industry, I have seen and heard enough to make me want to clarify this further.

Myth or Truth? Real Estate Agents work for Free. myth truth


  • Real Estate Agents/REALTORS® are subcontractors of the Real Estate Brokerages that employ them.
  • They are self employed and small business owners.
  • They are not “employees” of their Real Estate firms. This means they do not receive a paycheck weekly, biweekly, bimonthly, or monthly from their employer.
  • They do not get the typical W2’s for tax purposes.
  • They are paid through brokerage fees for their Real Estate professional representation services.
  • They are professionals that charge a fee for their services such as Accountants, Attorneys, Tax Professionals, etc.
  • The brokerage fee charged by Real Estate Agents/REALTORS® for their services is paid by their represented client: buyers, renters, landlords, or sellers.

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  • Real Estate Agents/REALTORS® work for Free.
  • As a renter, I can hire a Real Estate Agent/REALTOR® to find a home rental without paying a tenant brokerage fee.
  • As a buyer, I can hire a Real Estate Agent/REALTOR® to help me find a home to purchase without paying a buyer brokerage fee.
  • I can hire an Accountant to do my taxes for free.
  • Attorneys can be hired to represent you in a court of law for free.
  • As an employee of any corporation, business or organization, you willingly report to work everyday knowing that you work for free.

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I hope this post was able to shed some insight on the common misconception of a Real Estate Agent/REALTOR®. Keep the above points in mind next time you consider hiring someone to assist your with your Real Estate transactions.

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