Here are 5 Ways to Prepare your Home for a Spring Sale

Many Home Sellers know that housing trends have shown that Spring and Summer tend to be the hottest times of the year to sell your home. These months typically highly favor Home Sellers and their bottom line financial goals. While debating your decision, if you consult a Real Estate Professional, they will probably outline to you the advantages of selling during the Fall and Winter months in your specific market area. But if after that discussion you still decide to wait for the Spring, then Here are 5 Ways to Prepare your Home for a Spring Sale. 


numberoneCurb Appeal and Outdoor

Your home’s outdoor and curb appeal is very important. Do not ignore this.

  • If you know the Fall and Winter months take a big toll on your lawn, protect it. Visit your local Lowe’s or Home Depot and ask for help. Tell them what you are trying to accomplish, and you will have a number of ways to prepare that beautiful green lawn.
  • Add color to your landscaping to appeal to that buyer’s eye.
  • Dress up the front door area inviting everyone to come in.


number2Home Repairs and Projects

If you are like every home owner out there, projects are begun and later forgotten due to time or other arising life issues. If you started these, this is the time to complete them.

  • Were you painting the walls and never completed? Finish this now.
  • Have a leak in your roof that you have debated contacting a roofer for? This is the time to call and get that must needed quote. Get ahead of the game and get the roof repaired or replaced depending on their recommendation. Do not forget to shop around for this.
  • Are the carpets needing a cleaning? If so, this is the best time to get this done and ruled out usually in a weekend.
  • If you know there are plumbing issues, electrical concerns, anything at all; take care of it now. Keep in mind that anything you leave pending will come back to haunt you in the inspection report.


number3Clean and Declutter

Since you have decided to Sell in the Spring or Summer, then start by cleaning and decluttering everything you do not need.

  • Start going through everything room by room. If it’s not in use, determine if maybe you want to get rid of it or pack away for the move.
  • Don’t be afraid to start packing. As you go through all the items in your home, start with last season’s clothes, dishware not in current use, anything that you are comfortable living without for the next couple of months.
  • Clean Everything. Yes I said it, the whole house needs to be cleaned. If you delayed cleaning the windows, refrigerator, or maybe the basement has become a storage location; you need to start the cleaning and clearing of everything. Remember that the more space you portray on your home, the bigger it will appear to the Buyer.
  • Get everyone involved. Everyone in the household plays an important role in the selling of the house. Assign duties and let them take charge for their space. No matter how old, they will all feel excited to be part of the process.


4Do a complete Inspection 

When I say do a complete inspection, I do not mean hire a home inspector to come out to your home (Although you can do this too.). What I mean is go through every single room and look at Everything.

  • Look at the walls, do they need to be cleaned or do they need a fresh coat of paint?
  • Are there holes that need to be patched?
  • Does the flooring look right to you?
  • Are there odors in the rooms?
  • How do the windows and window treatments look?
  • Do all appliances, plumbing, fixtures work correctly?
  • Does the hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms look current? Keep in mind these items can be changed by you and modernized by just visiting your local hardware store.


5Begin Researching your Market and Interviewing Realtors® 

  • Because Real Estate Market trends vary from State to State, City to City, neighborhood to neighborhood; it is important for you to begin your research early. Begin your online research by looking at the comparable homes currently in the market for sale and those that recently sold in your market area. Top sites to use for this research are Realtor.comZillow, and Trulia. Keep in mind that this is only research that you are doing. Just like everything else online, just because it states your home can sell for $400,000, this does not mean it will. There are a lot of factors that go into determining an actual listing price, and a Real Estate professional will be key in guiding you to that number.
  • Interviewing Real Estate Professionals early will help you make the best sound decision in the long run. Begin with interviewing Realtors® in your local area. Once your decision is made, they will be able to provide you with local Market Trend reports available to them as industry experts, that will enhance your research.


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