Here are 5 Things You didn’t know about your Real Estate Agent.

Realtor Difference

In today’s working environment, many Americans work for an employer and receive biweekly pay, monthly pay, or bimonthly pay checks for job duties performed. As an employee benefit, you gain health insurance options, vacation and sick leave, Social Security and State/Federal Taxes paid on your behalf, and an array of additional benefits offered by each individual employer.

As a Real Estate Agent, you are hired and considered a subcontractor of the chosen Real Estate Brokerage. Now, if you happen to be currently self-employed or a business owner yourself, you know exactly what this means.

Here are 5 Things You didn’t know about your Real Estate Agent.

Real Estate Agents are Subcontractors of their Real Estate Brokerage.

What does this mean? It means that as part of their employment:

  • They do not gain medical, vacation or sick leave
  • They have to pay their own Social Security, State and Federal Taxes to the State and IRS
  • They are small business owners
  • They buy and pay their whole medical insurance coverage
  • They pay for ALL expenses needed to run their Real Estate business


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