Frozen: a Disney Movie


Hello Everyone!

Today I want to write about a movie I finally got to see two weeks ago.

Frozen is a Disney movie that was released in November 2013. With all the fame and commotion made about this movie, my sons (who are all teenagers) and I decided to finally see the movie. This would hopefully answer the common question in our minds: “Is it that good?”

As the movie began, I found myself speechless and shockingly happy, and with such a warm feeling inside. The movie was absolutely beautiful. I want to add that the last time I felt this way about a Disney movie was with Lion King. Frozen had warmth, real love, trust, friendship, and true family unity. The beautiful moral of this story was undeniably obvious. It is so nice to see such a movie that unites siblings even through all obstacles in life. And then, did I mention the songs of the movie? I honestly cannot get the song out of my mind! The song is so catchy and the words are just too perfect, I even get goose bumps just thinking about it now.

Everyday, I look for a moment where I can go to YouTube and replay “Let it Go” over and over and over again! The best part is how many versions are out there of others trying to sing it in their own way. I honestly have to give credit to Idina Menzel, she did an amazing job with the song!  After her version, my then two favorite videos redoing the song are  Alex Boye featuring One Voice Children’s Choir and Disney’s Multi Language version of “Let it Go”.

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