Are You Selling your Home as a For-Sale-By-Owner? Read this First.

In the current Real Estate Market, many Sellers have begun putting out their For Sale By Owner (FSBO) signs throughout the different communities.

If you are new to Selling your Home or perhaps know You can do this on your own, then please read this article first.

Here are 4 Things You need to know when Selling a Home as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO)


Agents can get your Property Sold Quicker and for More

Overall, Agents are able to get a property Sold for far more because of their Market knowledge, work at it Full-time, and are able to Price the home more accurately.

Agents can view Property Objectively

As a property owner, you have sentimental value attached to your home. An Agent, would be able to see the home with its faults and values, and further use current local market trends and conditions to objectively sell the home.

Agents can Market Property on a Larger Scale

Have you considered the Marketing an Agent does with your home? The full extent of it can vary from Agent to Agent. But consider this: Agents have the ability to put the property in front of a much larger Audience than a Home Owner would be able to on their own.

Buyer Agents are more willing to work with a Property that already has a Selling Agent

The reasons behind a Buyer’s Agent preferring to work with a Seller’s Agent can be Numerous. Working with a Selling Agent for starters, would mean the Buyer Agent would only be responsible for their end of the work. There is also confidentiality issues, Dual Agency Laws and Code of Ethics violations that can result from handling both sides of the transaction.

I hope this post answers some of the reasons why hiring a Real Estate Professional is in your best interest as a Home Seller.

Do you have any questions or comments? Please let me know!

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