8-Step Guide to Remodeling Your Home

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8-Step Guide to Remodeling Your Home


Is Remodeling Your Home Worth The Cost?
Before you start, think about how you use your house. It will go a long way toward shaping your remodeling plans. Read more »


How to Design Your Perfect Project
Starting a remodel is like facing an enormous blank slate. Here’s how to get inspired, get motivated and get started. Read more »


Plan Your Renovation Schedule
Knowing what to expect is often half the battle in remodeling your home—without losing your mind. Read more »


Set Your Remodeling Budget
It’s easy to figure out what you want, but calculating how much you can afford is harder. Use this four-step plan to help you. Read more »


Choose Your Remodeling Team
The people you select should be problem solvers, good listeners and budget watchdogs. Ask these questions before you hire. Read more »


File the Required Paperwork
Filling out forms may be the least fun part of remodeling your home, but you have to do it. Here’s an overview of what you will need. Read more »


Keep Your Remodeling Project On Track
Lose your focus on the project and you may pay for it—literally. Here are seven smart ways to stay on top of remodeling your home. Read more »


Plan for Problems
You can expect equipment breakdowns, supply shortages and miscommunications with just about everyone when remodeling your home. Here’s how to minimize problems. Read more »

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