5 Reasons Why I will meet You at the office for Our first Appointment

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If you have kept up with current Real Estate news, then you may have heard of all the safety issues that are surrounding Real Estate Agents/REALTORS® today. Safety concerns have become more and more common as we face daily threats in our profession. Due to this, the National Association of REALTORS®, Brokerages throughout the country, and many Agents/REALTORS® have begun a REALTORS® Safety initiative.  Many Agents/REALTORS® have already started changing where they meet new clients, to the old and traditional way, in order to conduct business in a safer manner.

Here are 5 Reasons Why I will meet You at the office for Our first Appointment

1Consultation and Introduction Appointment

The initial appointment is a way for both parties to introduce each other, discover if they are a good fit to work together, and to establish a relationship for the Real Estate transaction.



2Agency Brokerage Forms and Disclosures

Because Real Estate laws and principles vary, various Agency Brokerage Relationship forms and Disclosures will be made in the first appointment.



3Introduce Online Workspace

With the ever changing world of technology, many industries have moved to online and cloud systems to conduct their everyday businesses. Real Estate is not the exception. On our initial appointment I will go over our Online Workspace, explain its benefit and ease, facilitating an easier and smoother Real Estate transaction.


4Discuss Customer vs Client and Agent/REALTOR® Duties 

In the initial appointment, I will discuss and explain the difference between a Customer vs Client in Real Estate. When clarifying this very crucial point, I will then explain my duties as an Agent/REALTOR® depending on the established relationship.




Due to the many arising Safety concerns surrounding Real Estate Professionals, many of us have implemented changes in how and where we conduct our Real Estate business. On our first initial appointment, I will be meeting you at one of the many offices available through my Broker in the Atlanta area.


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